Many years ago I saw a tattoo a friend had of a bumblebee and the word hind on her bum. For some reason that tattoo stuck in my mind.  Move forward to the late 1990s when myself and my now husband were travelling to Indonesia surfing and back packing I was admiring the Brazilian bikini clad girls on the beaches and desperately wanted one of those bikinis… or two! I purchased my first Brazilian Bikini from a friend in Bali, but it wasn’t cheap, so instead of buying another I decided to hunt out a place on the streets of Kuta that might be able to make me a few.  I found that place and they did me proud, so proud in fact that roll on to 2002 we launched our first range of Bhind Bikinis, remember the tattoo that I couldn’t forget? The rest is history.

As a small company that has been in the business for over 16 years we feel we pride ourselves on the quality and fit aiming to offer a fashion forward but not transient trend, giving uniqueness and freshness into the collections. We have stuck with the same factory for all these years and as they have expanded and excelled in quality it has shown through our brand too. Importing the best Italian Lycra, sourcing the best accessories and printing manufacturers we have given each bikini that hand made feel and precise attention to detail. All pieces are sold separately and designed to mix and match, with great contrasting matt reversibles and vibrant prints you’ll be drawn in to be part of the BHIND Family.

Marie Griffin